Building innovation in rural, regional and remote Australia

We bring business ideas to life, and give life to old ideas in new formats.

We’re RegionalCollab and we help organisations (big and small) take off, build resilience and sustainability. We’ve been turning business dreams into reality for rural, regional and remote Australian’s for many years. We live to build effective practice in government, business and not-for-profits. Want to know the number one thing we’ve learnt in that time?

Nothing is impossible with us in your corner.

Together we will develop your idea, build a robust project plan, design your funding strategy, then write and submit any grant, tender or funding applications to ultimately create a long-term, sustainable business. From there we can hand over the reins and wave you off into the sunset, or stay by your side to help manage the project, too.

Why Us?

RegionalCollab has over 20 years experience in private enterprise, government and not-for-profit sectors. That means we know exactly how to harness the power of collective investment through all levels of government, philanthropic opportunities and crowdfunding to bring your business idea to life.

We like to keep things simple, efficient and sustainable thanks to our cost-recovered, place-based model. But we also care – about you and the remarkable regions we live in. We are passionate advocates for rural, regional and remote Australia and believe, together, we can make a difference.

Our collective, community-focused approach to developing co-designed and co-funded opportunities is building the economic and social capital of rural, regional and remote Australia.

In short? Your ideas combined with our business nous will innovate and build rural, regional and remote Australia for the better.

How we work.


Step 1

Our first step is to work through your business idea, including benefits, obstacles and outcomes, to build a robust project plan with a saleable product or service at its core.

Why? Because you’re going to need that when the time comes to apply for funding. We hope you like whiteboards – because those bad boys come into play big time during this stage!


Step 2

From there we’ll brainstorm the kinds of organisations that align with your values and research potential funding sources, before ultimately designing and building your funding strategy.

And that funding can come in many different forms, including formal grants or tender applications, crowdfunding, partnerships and sponsorship opportunities.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll ensure you’re talking to the right people, using the right language, at the right time.


Step 3

Next up we want to make your business sustainable – that means not relying on just one injection of funding, but building a multi-source funding strategy so you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

This layered approach works to secure you the best funding opportunities available, while ensuring you have long-term revenue streams in place. 


Step 4

Don’t fancy tackling those grant, tender or funding applications yourself? We’ve got you.

Thanks to our extensive background in Australian government, we can quickly and efficiently identify and align funding opportunities, accurately interpret the paperwork and write all applications – saving you precious time, not to mention your sanity.


Step 5

Feel ready to sail this ship alone? Once funding is secured we’ll proudly wave you off into the sunset.

But if you’re not ready to fly solo just yet, we’ll gladly stay by your side to help manage the project and see those ideas we talked about way back in step one become a dream come true.

 News & Updates

Collab – the new quarterly RegionalCollab newsletter.

Collab – the new quarterly RegionalCollab newsletter.

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Collab’ - our new quarterly newsletter to keep you in the loop with all...


RegionalCollab feel like part of our team, they’re always approachable and very down to earth. Their knowledge of what grants are available is then accurately interpreted and constructed in the required language to lodge an application – a crucial task they have partnered with Fleece to Fashion over the past year.

In 2019 they offered to help us secure more sponsorship and look to further grants for 2020. They noted we had 10 days to lodge an application for a NSW Government grant, they made the deadline easily.

The Fleece to Fashion 2020 event had to be cancelled because of COVID19 restrictions, along with sponsorship and grants. RegionalCollab have picked up the promised sponsorships and are now looking to 2021. 

I have no doubt 2021 will be bigger and better with RegionalCollab there to help us secure funds. This event is a huge passion of a great number of people in the region, and without that all-important funding we simply wouldn’t have been able to keep going. We are so grateful to RegionalCollab for their expertise, support and friendship.

Liz Foster - Fleece to Fashion

I’ve been working with Pointer Remote for three years now – it’s a great role but, as the name suggests, I do work remotely. So literally the only company I have during the day is the dog.

That all changed when I met up with Rechelle from RegionalCollab.

We were working together on some grant applications and I immediately felt welcomed and just knew they were my kind of people. They are so generous with their time, knowledge and resources and we’ve now established such a great working relationship – one we enjoy both remotely, and in person when possible.

We also often share contacts and really support and fuel each other’s businesses in that way. So while we’ll continue to work with them whenever funding and grants are needed, I’m also excited to collaborate with them as they work to support other regional businesses and start-ups.

Most importantly, I trust them entirely. They’re so well connected and really know their stuff, so whenever we do have a job for them I absolutely know it will be done to the highest of standards. I have full faith that they have the skills and experience to do anything I throw at them and they’ll do it in their own down-to-earth, relatable way. And that’s not something to be underestimated, their innate ability to connect with others, that’s something to celebrated.

Caitlin Berecry - Community Manager Pointer Remote

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We look forward to talking about how to harness the power of collective investment through all levels of government, philanthropic, opportunities and crowdfunding to make business dreams come true.

We can’t wait to meet and work together to further build rural, regional and remote Australia through your ideas and passion.