The Phases of Fundraising During a Crisis.

Once a crisis happens there are distinct phases that fund raising will experience.

Phase 1 will see what many term as ‘The Bump’ where because of the urgency and emergency people give quickly (this will normally last about a month).

Phase 2 sees ‘The Slump’ where there is a medium length of time where giving drops or may even disappear completely (this can last for between 4-6 months).

Phase 3 is ‘The Surge’ when recovery starts to occur and giving opens up again erasing the shortfall of the previous months and when more major donors open up again (this can be for about 4 months).

Finally, we get to ‘The New Normal’ this is when we sometimes see higher than previous normal giving if the previous three phases have been managed effectively and this can last indefinitely.

Reference: The Better Fundraising Co. Get in touch with RegionalCollab to talk about how you stay ahead of the curve:

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